Amazon’s Affiliate Program Rules: BLOGGERS BEWARE

bloggers beware of amazon's associates program rules

This is one of those “how-can-you-know-what-you-don’t-know” moments. If you’re a member of AMAZON’S ASSOCIATES PROGRAM take note: there are rules you’re probably not aware of and they could be leaving you exposed to an Amazon slap on the wrists for abuse of its policies. Your site must be “suitable” according to clause #2 of Amazon’s Associates […]

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Can You Trademark A Hashtag?

how to protect your online business

The law remains unsettled when it comes to trademarking a hashtag. Proceed with caution. A hashtag is a word string preceded by a “hash” or pound sign (#) and it’s used primarily to identify themes, topics, and conversations in social media platforms. A hashtag is much like a keyword that facilitates a search by topic. Here’s the […]

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Have you ever had a dream where you’re the only one who’s naked? Terrifying, right? Now imagine that your online business is naked and you have no idea how exposed your “assets” are, leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits, blacklisting (by Facebook or Google), copyright and trademark infringement, IRS reprimands, and so many other legal nightmares. The worst thing? Many entrepreneurs […]

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Browse-wrap or Click-wrap

browse wrap or click wrap

So, you have your Terms and Conditions (T&C, a.k.a., Terms of Use) posted on your website and you have a separate T&C for your products and services… check and check! (Yes, you need them both! WEBSITE T&C PROTECTS YOU The law is designed to protect the consumer. Your job is to protect yourself and your […]

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Is Your Online Business Legally Covered?

how to cover your assets online without hiring a lawyer

Is your online business legally covered? Are you sure about that? Because… If you’re like most online business owners, there’s a good chance you’ve got your head in the sand when it comes to all the “legal stuff” you absolutely must do in order to cover your ass(ets) online. Business owners are not ostriches, but […]

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Affiliate Links And Truth In Advertising

what are affiliate links

What is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is one that has a tracking code that enables you to sell other people’s products and get paid a commission whenever someone uses your particular link. It’s a way to promote what other people are selling AND generate passive income for your business. It can also send traffic to your […]

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