I’m a lawyer, not a dentist, so I don’t argue when my dentist tells me that if I don’t get my teeth cleaned I’ll probably end up with holes in my teeth.

Lin Eleoff, Internet Lawyer and creator of legally yours and cover your assets onlineLikewise, when an Internet lawyer (me!) tells you that if you don’t take steps to “cover your assets online” (the legal equivalent of taking preventative measures to protect your teeth), you’re going to end up with holes in your business, you probably shouldn’t argue.

UNLESS… you have an extremely high tolerance for risk and don’t really mind getting your butt hauled off to court, and being forced to pay a steep settlement, or worse, having to wear one of those orange-is-the-new-black jumpsuits everyone has to wear in prison… then by all means, expose yourself.

I hate lawsuits. I’m not the lawyer you hire to defend you in a lawsuit. My job is to show you how to protect yourself and your business so that you drastically reduce the risks of getting into legal hot water, without even having to hire a lawyer! 

I know… the legal stuff is boring. So is going to the dentist. But wouldn’t you rather get your teeth cleaned in order to reduce the risk of having to have a root canal?

Wouldn’t you rather protect your business from having to have a root canal? (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Sadly, there are all sorts of scallawags that lurk in the darkness of the Internet. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Listen to this Internet lawyer and cover up, my fellow online entrepreneur.

Start by taking this “Exposure Quiz.” It will tell you exactly where the legal holes are in your business.

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